Next month (July), we are launching a redesigned reporting experience in LinkedIn Campaign Manager:

We’ve thoughtfully tested and gathered feedback to create a more efficient, personalized experience allowing you to:

  • Work faster: Speed up your workflow and optimization process with these features:
    • Faster loading: Notice the speed bump? Data in Campaign Manager loads 20% faster than before, so you can scan data efficiently — even if you have hundreds of campaigns and ad creative.
    • New tabbed structure: A new tabbed structure allows you to move quickly from Accounts to Ads in two clicks, so you can move around from different levels more efficiently.
    • Updated search: Find campaigns in seconds by querying through campaign name, campaign ID, ad format and more.
  • Analyze quicker: Some new features to analyze your performance faster
    • Quick totaling: Check multiple ads or campaigns to see a quick total that sums numbers quickly.
    • See all ad creatives across campaigns: No matter how many campaigns you run, you can now see all ad creatives in one view.
    • 1-click breakdowns: See a deeper analysis on your campaigns are performing on the LinkedIn Audience Network, by different conversion events and more.
  • Personalize to you: You can pick and choose the view that you care about the most, whether it’s Performance, Conversions or Video. Early next year, you will be able to fully customize and organize the columns based on your preference.
    • Pre-selected views: Choose a view that shows only certain metrics, so you can focus on what matters most to your business.
    • Adjustable screen size: No matter how big or small your screen is, Campaign Manager can flex so you can see more data

Here is a deck that highlights the upcoming enhancements together with a getting started guide. If you’d like to learn more or have feedback on the experience, please let your partner manager know.