You asked, we listened – we’re excited to bring the ability to save LinkedIn Sponsored Content to all members on iOS and Android!

In addition to saving articles shared by other members — a feature we released not too long ago — as of today members can also save articles posted by a brand as Sponsored Content. We expect that this will help marketers like you drive additional engagement with your content from your target audiences.

Making it easy to save and share content is a high priority for members, especially younger ones. In fact, over a third of millennials have said they want to be able to easily share a mobile ad, and nearly half of millennials have said that they consider being able to save an ad to read later the most important part of what makes a perfect mobile ad.

Here’s how saving a Sponsored Content works from the member perspective:

First, I see an interesting article in the LinkedIn feed that captures my attention:


I decide I want to save this for later. I click the bookmark icon on the bottom right-hand side of the update:


At this point I can tap the “See all” at the top of the screen to access the full list of articles I’ve saved. Or, I can navigate to the “Me” tab at any point at the bottom of the LinkedIn app, where I can tap on the saved articles button to access all articles (sponsored or not) that I’ve saved.


You’ll be taken to the Saved Articles page, where you can read and share articles directly from the list.


So here’s why this is good news for those of you using LinkedIn Sponsored Content:

  • Members can come back to content that you’ve sponsored to view later if they don’t have time to consume it right away. Often times, a member may be scrolling through the feed and want to come back to read it later. Om Malik of Gigaom saw that he went back to roughly 31% of content he’d saved to read later. This could help improve conversion rates in the long term and bring down your cost-per-conversion.

  • Members can directly share articles they’ve saved with their network from the Saved Items list. This enables you as the advertiser to put more of the right content in front of not just a wider audience, but to the right audience.

Now that sharing and reading for later is available, now may be the perfect opportunity to review your LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan to ensure you’re offering relevant, snackable, and highly shareable content. Happy sharing!